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Pantheon Corporate Headquarters near Dallas, TXThe company was founded and formed by marriage partners who became business partners. Pantheon means a collection of the Best. Our mission was to provide beautiful products to make places and spaces more beautiful. We are committed to the epitome of quality, design, production and customer experience at Pantheon. Through time and experience, our market mission birthed a deeper purpose. How can we make a difference with mankind, mother earth and the market place? A deeper value emerged; allow the company to be led by the principles of God. Now a “collection of the best” included our people, customers, production team and products. We birthed our virtues: love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness, goodness and self control. From there our values and a new enduring purpose was formed, not limited to business transactions, but a responsibility to share our hearts and harvest with those most in need.



Elizabeth Schick, president of Pantheon, brought harmony to income revenue and charitable contributions by establishing the movement. Work Love Give emerged as the reason we do what we do, and this formed the heart of the organization. Now profits would profit those in dire need of faith, food, shelter, life essentials, healthcare, education and transportation. This solidified our purpose and meaning in the marketplace to positively impact the world.



Our motivation as a family company is to develop and deploy relationships, products, information, service and technology that will help heal people and planet. Our desire is to joyfully live out our virtues and values, share our successes and enjoy our relationships. Above ALL, we want to honor God in ALL we do.