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Pantheon Floor Solutions, Inc. (the “Company”) guarantees that its Pantheon porcelain tile will meet or exceed the performance specifications outlined in ANSI A137.1-1998. Pantheon’s porcelain tile is manufactured to high quality assurance standards.

Because specific installation details, structural design and environmental conditions are beyond the control of the Company, we cannot accept responsibility for the improper installation and/or care and maintenance of our products after they are installed. However, in the event of latent defects in the product caused by improper manufacturing, the Company will replace any defective product, provided the Company is notified in writing within a period of five (5) years of the installation. The Company will also not be responsible if tile is installed with a visible defect.

Pantheon porcelain tile has a 10 year structural warranty. We warrant that the structural integrity of the product will not fail, under normal conditions, within a period of 10 years from date of purchase. The appearance retention warranty is for a period of 10 years under normal conditions.

The warranties contained herein are in lieu of any express warranties and implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. The warranties contained herein are the sole and exclusive warranties provided by the manufacturer. Pantheon Floor Solutions, Inc must pre-approve the cost of the replacement, in writing, prior to commencement of any warranty work.


  Pantheon Porcelain Tile Warranty